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Wabash County Government, Indiana
  Advisory Plan Commission
What are the office hours for the Wabash County Advisory Plan Commission? 01/13/2009 1,773
Is the Wabash County Zoning Ordinance Book on line? 01/13/2009 2,092
Can anyone purchase a hard copy of the Wabash County Comprehensive Plan? 10/19/2012 1,054
Can anyone purchase a Wabash County Zoning Ordinance Book? 01/13/2009 1,631
When is a Building Permit required? 01/13/2009 2,344
What are the cost for permits? 01/13/2009 3,076
Is a permit required to build a pond? 01/13/2009 1,793
Is a permit required to put in a pool? 01/13/2009 1,893
Is a permit required for small portable buildings? 01/13/2009 2,223
Is a permit required for a portable or stationary utility shed? 08/07/2014 874
What are the required setbacks for structures from roads? 01/13/2009 1,790
What are the requirements to place a mobile home in Wabash County? 05/03/2012 1,194
What are the requirements to place a cell tower in Wabash County? 05/07/2012 1,076
What are the requirements for a fence? 05/07/2012 1,465
What are the requirements for signs? 05/07/2012 1,091
What are the requirements for a permit for a new home? 08/07/2014 778
What are the options for paying permit fees? 08/08/2014 653
How do I determine the zoning of my property? 05/31/2017 364

Wabash County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
    Vital Records
What do I need to receive a birth certificate for myself? 03/20/2006 3,203
What are the operating hours? 02/22/2006 2,538
Directions to the Health Department 04/20/2007 2,350
Who can obtain a birth certificate? 02/12/2009 2,415
How much is a certified birth certificate? 05/07/2009 2,302
How much is a certified death certificate? 09/30/2014 880

Wabash County Government, Indiana
  EMA - Homeland Security Dept
What is the Wabash County CodeRED Alerting System? 05/02/2009 2,673
How do I sign up to receive CodeRED alerts from Wabash County? 05/02/2009 1,919
How does the CodeRED Alert System work? 05/02/2009 1,522
What is the CodeRED WEATHER ALERT? 05/02/2009 1,570
Outdoor warning sirens, what to do when you hear them. 05/02/2009 1,444
Why do the sirens in Wabash seem like they are moving by being louder then softer? 05/02/2009 1,438
What should I do if my power is off? 05/02/2009 1,260
Should I call 911 for information about a weather emergency or other incident? 05/02/2009 1,186
What is the Wabash County Snow Emergency Ordinance? 05/04/2009 1,626
Can I travel when a Weather Adviosry is has been issued for Wabash County? 05/04/2009 1,233
Can I travel when a snow emergency is declared? 05/04/2009 932

Wabash County Government, Indiana
Why GIS FAQ 04/25/2008 1,042